Hello, welcome to Davangarte, my personal art spot on the web!

My name is Darena and I am a passionate multi-disciplinary artist with strong affiliation with graphic design.

I have a non-design classical education and 10 years of professional experience in advertising, marketing, and sales. This helps to broaden my horizons and open my mind to different perspectives with a client-oriented approach. I can understand a client’s vision with ease and integrate it in my designs through an innovative methodology of blending art with the marketing & business goals in order to achieve the ultimate result.

After several years of experience in this field, graphic design has become such a crucial part of my life that I decided to go public and establish my own brand: DAVANGARTE.

Currently I work internationally with a great variety of colleagues and companies in the creative industry.

Please take a look at my projects and feel free to provide any feedback or contact me just to say “Hi!”.


“We tried to make the prosaic attractive without using the tired clichés of false glamour. You might
say we tried to convey the attractiveness of reality, as opposed to the glitter of a never-never land.” 
– Cipe Pineles