• Nixie, The Water Ghost and her story, illustration
  • Water Ghost magazine illustration
  • Water Ghost part illustration
  • Nixie and her story illustrated

Nixie: The Water Ghost

Type of project: Illustration for a book and marketing materials

Tools & Techniques: Tempera drawing, Adobe Photoshop

Client: Personal project for a client, book trading industry

Description of the project: An illustration for a client’s book (and the additional marketing materials) suitable for the story and depicting the main character, a ghost called Nixie. An excerpt was provided, as follows:

“Far in the Nordic lands the old men still remember a story about a water spirit that inhabits the forests north of the ancient stone bridge of Olana. The legend tells of a woman named Nixie who has been cursed by her soon-to-be husband for her love of his brother Nicor. Nicor was afraid to confess his love for her so she was spurned and condemned to wander in the woods transforming herself into different water shapes and plants… But only in the waters of Olana where travellers stop to drink from cold streams and look their tired faces in the mirrored surface of the lakes…until the end of eternity…Or until she meets a person who wants to give his life to make her alive…through his own will…”

book, character, motion