• Artistic wolf portrait
  • Wolf poly art poster

The Wolf: low poly art

Type of project: Polygonal illustration, Special Effects, Experimental

Tools & Techniques: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Client: Personal project for a client

Description of the project: A low poly illustration of an animal meant to be used as part of the public image of the company in its social interaction with clients. It had to be symbolic and to communicate successfully the company’s values. The gray wolf or the wolf also known as Canis lupus was a joint choice, as it is the largest extant member of its family and a very small number of them have blue eyes. Only the blue-eyed wolves are believed to have the positive meaning in the 4 000-year-old science of spirit animal kingdom and symbolize freedom, sharp intelligence, strong instincts and awareness of the importance of social connections.

Do you see it in its mesmerizing blue eyes and polygonal forms?

Experiments, Illustration
3D, illustration, low poly