• Innerglow Rock Band Logo
  • Innerglow Rock Band Logo
  • Presentation of the logo of Innerglow, a Bulgarian alternative rock band
  • Innerglow Rock Band Logo Presentation
  • Bulgarian alternative rock band´s logo

Music band logo

Type of project: logo design

Tools & Techniques: Adobe Illustrator

Client: Innerglow, music band, entertainment

Description of the project:

Logo design for a brand new electro-rock band on the world musical scene performing with electronic and live instruments combining alternative, pop, dance and funk elements.

The logo comprises the name of the band and a symbol in black and white. It illustrates utterly the musical style of the band and creates a sense of modern, simple and minimalist, yet strong and extraordinarily stylish vision.

The concept strives for implementing the idea of mixing and complementing diverse elements from various musical genres, tunes and layers of meaning implicating lightness and tenderness, depth and diversity, mystic, dynamic and alternative sound. The logo substantiates and multiplies meanings & messages through lighting, movement and hidden shapes and forms.

The textual part of the logo is balanced through rounding solid sharp shapes as well as by using a graphic element that combines symbolism with an innovative yet practical idea.

The lines of the graphic element are contemporary reading of the retro vintage stripes and symbolize timeline, rhythm, beat bars, oscillations, vibrations, sound waves, frequencies, musical scales, equalizer bars, stylized piano keys, word shadows.

They also represent a modern and functional business card you can never lose or forget – a matrix barcode with the band info integrated (their contact details and website).

Well, let´s play a “game”! Scan the barcode from the logo with your phone and see the hidden message!

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